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The Generational Disruption Of Leadership And Governance

October 19, 2016
Washington, DC



Join The NACD Capital Area Chapter and George Washington University on October 19, 2016 for an unforgettable presentation and Q&A session exploring the power of generational leadership with generational study pioneer Chuck Underwood.

The G. I. Generation. Silent Generation. Boomers. GenX. Millennials. Five living American generations, each with very different core values. Why did the G.I.’s lead America so brilliantly when they took their turn at the top of American business, government, education, and religion? Why did Silent leaders stumble during their era? And what should America expect as the next generation - the Boomers - now bring their very powerful core values to leadership and governance and determine the direction of America through the 2020s before handing off to GenX?

Our speaker, Mr. Chuck Underwood is the host of the PBS national-television series, America’s Generations With Chuck Underwood and author of America’s Generations, a comprehensive presentation of generational business strategies.

We welcome you to join us when he brings his significant experience to Washington, DC on October 19, 2016.


Location and Time


George Washington University
1957 E Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

6:00 PM - 6:30 PM:  Registration and Networking

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM:  Program

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM:  Post event Networking with Mr. Underwood

Speaker Spotlight


Chuck Underwood

Chuck Underwood is one of the pioneers who created, developed, and popularized the field of generational study.

He is the founder/principal of TGI - The Generational Imperative, Inc. - an Ohio-based generational consulting firm. He consults and trains corporations and organizations in Generational Workplace Strategy and Generational Marketplace Strategy. His comprehensive book on generational business strategy is entitled, The Generational Imperative- Understanding Generational Differences In The Workplace, Marketplace, And Living Room

Chuck is the host of the television series America’s Generations With Chuck Underwood, on PBS. Having researched generational dynamics for more than a quarter-century and then worked side-by-side with hundreds of clients to execute a long list of generational strategies, he is considered one of the elite consultants in generational strategy. His A-List clients operate in business, government, education, religion, politics, media and entertainment, philanthropy, and virtually every other industry-type. Formally trained in qualitative research methodology and focus-group moderating by The Burke Institute, he conducts generational research for his clients and for his own proprietary generational research.

The Ohio University College of Business grad had spent his earlier career in the mass media of radio and television, first as an award-winning broadcast journalist and national sports play-by-play announcer, and then as a creator and producer of original programming. He has hosted and produced shows that have aired nationally and internationally.

He has taken his rightful place as an eminent authority in generational study. Traveling coast-to-coast and overseas for consulting assignments, seminars, research, and keynotes, he also authors newspaper and national-magazine columns on generational dynamics, guest-lectures at universities, and is regularly interviewed for generational news stories by the nation’s – and world’s - magazines, newspapers, radio, and television.



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