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Biggest Risks, Mitigation and Governance

November 16, 2016
Washington, DC



Risks can be small. Risks can be big and ugly. Risks can be unknown and lurking. Emerging game changing risks can be big opportunities if strategically assessed and captured. Three global executives - all experts in corporate risk identification, assessment and mitigation as well as strategic governance - will share with attendees valuable risk assessment strategies and tools for immediate use.


This highly interactive panel discussion, with takeaway tools, strategic insights and Q&A's from Directors, will deliver a highly valuable, “can’t miss this”, session on risk identification, risk assessment and mitigation, and strong governance.


Takeaways from this program will include:

1. Questions Directors Should Ask Management
2. Strategic & Operational Functioning of Risk Committees
3. How To Identify The Biggest Risks Facing Your Company
4. Enterprise Risk Management Program & Process Examples (Global Companies)
5. Risk Management Best Practices and Mitigation Governance Insights

Location and Time


1875 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20006

5:30pm - 8:00pm

Speaker Spotlight


Mark Sparano

Mark Sparano is the Chief Audit Executive at U.S. Bank. He leads a team of 300 internal audit professionals for the 5th largest commercial bank in America. U.S. Bank has assets of $440 billion, over 3,000 branches and both domestic & international operations. He reports into the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. Mark presents to both the Audit Committee and the Risk Management Committee of the Board on significant risks and actions taken across all risk types. The U.S. Bank internal audit function has t the overall risk management responsibility and effectiveness role at U.S. Bank. Mark’s career experience includes being the former Chief Risk Officer at U.S. Trust. His other experience is derived from global organizations like KPMG, Bankers Trust, Mellon Bank and Charles Schwab. Mark is a Certified Public Accountant, holds an accountancy degree from Bentley University and an Executive MBA from New York University. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Institute of Internal Auditors, and serves on the Advisory Board of North Carolina State University’s Enterprise Risk Management Initiative.

Scott Larson

Scott Larson is a nationally recognized, former FBI – Field Cyber Security Director & Special Agent, expert in computer risk assessments & investigations, infrastructure & data risks & threats, and design & implementation of cyber protection programs to eliminate, or mitigate, data theft and corporate data harm. Today, Scott Larson and his team chase “bad guys” & defeat global cyber risks & theft as well as directing enterprise forensics and corporate security defenses against attackers for commercial clients. Mr. Larson is Founder & CEO of Larson Security serving commercial clients on data privacy, enterprise cyber security infrastructure protection, mobile and cloud risks identification, and implementing lasting solutions for achieving cyber security protection. He holds a BA degree from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota.

Michel Vachon

Mr. Vachon has more than 35 years of global executive experience working around the world in diverse industries ranging from defense to IT and major infrastructure projects. As a senior executive for large US corporations (most recently L-3 Communications as International Division President, DynCorp, TRW, AECOM, and AMS), he is known for his impressive track record in corporate risk identification, management and governance, international business development and P&L operations. His areas of impact cover business growth strategies, international project financing, project management, and quantitative risk assessment & risk mitigation. Upon retiring from the corporate world, he co-founded VIVA International with the global purpose of arranging and structuring funded projects for the privatization of public sector services in emerging markets. Mr. Vachon holds degrees from the University of Ottawa (Ontario) and from the Universite Laval (Quebec) with specialties in Mathematics and Spanish.



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